About Us


A thriving Splatsin Community where every member is an active participant in creating genuine wealth.


To create and operate businesses, develop capacity amongst community members, and generate income opportunities while preserving shared cultural and ecological values for generations to come.

SDC is governed by an independent Board of Directors with one seat for a Splatsin Council member. Profits from all businesses are either reinvested to grow the businesses or dividends are paid to the shareholder (Splatsin) for community initiatives.

What We Do For Splatsin

  • Create opportunity
  • Employ community members
  • Build capacity through training and employment experience
  • Take advantage of title and rights economic opportunities in traditional territory
  • Create and run profitable businesses
  • Profits are directed to Band for use on community priorities

6 Core Areas of Activity

  • Forestry/Environment
  • Construction/Energy
  • Tourism
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Retail
  • Agriculture