Yucwmenlúcwu (Caretakers of the Land) 2007 LLP

Yucwmenlúcwu (Caretakers of the Land) is a cultural and natural resource management company that provides a complete range of environmental, archaeology, and forestry services.

Environmental Planning & Management

Our environmental planning and management team have a comprehensive understanding of environmental regulations and regulatory processes, and we’ll lead you through these critical steps to ensure your project is on track.

  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Environmental research and studies
  • Environmental management plans
  • Regulatory permitting
  • Environmental monitoring

Fisheries & Aquatic Ecology

Fishery resources have been managed by the Splatsin people since time immemorial.  Our fisheries team takes great pride in conserving and protecting these important resources through an ecosystem-based approach.

  • Fisheries inventory, population and distribution assessments
  • Fish and riparian habitat assessments
  • Aquatic resource management plans
  • Fish and riparian habitat restoration, planning and design
  • Fish salvage and relocation

Wildlife & Terrestrial Ecology

Guided by Splatsin’s values, our wildlife team considers the temporal and spatial aspects of each project, including the past, present, and future impacts, to ensure wildlife and critical habitats are protected for future generations.

  • Species inventory, population, and distribution assessments
  • Species-at-risk surveys and habitat assessments
  • Ecosystem description and classification
  • Terrestrial habitat restoration, planning and design
  • Species salvage and relocation

Water Quality & Quantity

Water has always been an essential source of life as well as an important passageway for the Splatsin people. With our deep respect for this resource in mind, we focus on preserving water quality and quantity.  

  • Water quality and quantity monitoring programs
  • Water quality sampling and analysis
  • Hydrometric monitoring and analysis
  • Water quality restoration and planning
  • Sediment monitoring and analysis


Our approach to archaeological assessments involves consideration of the cultural and environmental settling to facilitate a broader understanding of our cultural heritage.  

  • Archaeological impact assessments
  • Archaeological overview assessments
  • Preliminary field reconnaissance
  • Archaeological excavation
  • Archaeological archival and background research


As leaders in timber supply planning and forestry operations, we identify opportunities to plan and harvest our renewable timber resources in a way that’s safe, sustainable, and profitable.

  • Turn-key license management
  • Total resource planning and development
  • Log marketing and logging supervision
  • Surveys, administration, treatments, and planting
  • ArcView GIS mapping