Yucwmenlúcwu (Caretakers of the Land) 2007 LLP

Yucwmenlúcwu (Caretakers of the Land) is a cultural and natural resource management company that provides a complete range of environmental, archaeology, and forestry services.

Our People


Robyn Laubman, B.Sc., Senior Biologist

Robyn is a Registered Professional Biologist with a diverse background in natural resources management. Her involvement in fish and wildlife projects spans over 10 years and includes various biological field research, species at risk surveys, fish population surveys, fish habitat assessments, and fish and wildlife habitat restoration. As the senior biologist for Yucwmenlúcwu, Robyn is responsible for managing projects and general guidance in the fields of biology and natural resource management.  Founded on her experience and passion for the conservation of ecological systems, Robyn’s strength is to disseminate and present technical information to a broad range of targeted audiences. Her role at Yucwmenlúcwu draws on this strength to support environmental stewardship and natural resource management initiatives. Mentorship of Splatsin Technicians and other members of the Caretakers environmental team is also a key role and strength. 


Ramsay McKee, BA., Archaeologist

Ramsay is an archaeologist with 6 years of experience in various locations throughout British Columbia. During the course of his career, Ramsay has gained experience with a variety of small to large scale development projects. He has provided archaeological consulting services, including archaeological overview assessment (AOA), archaeological impact assessment (AIA), and preliminary field reconnaissance (PFR) studies.  He also has extensive experience with regulatory permitting and compliance with the Heritage Conservation Act. Ramsay is responsible for archaeological project management and implementation, providing technical expertise and advice, research, cultural heritage program support, and various technical reviews. 


Jesse Grigg, B.Sc., FIT, Natural Resource Specialist

Jesse is a Forester In Training with a diverse background in Wildlife and Natural Resources management including 5 years of forestry consulting experience in the Southern Interior and 3 years as a wildlife technician on coastal seabird research projects. Through these experiences, Jesse has developed a deep passion for and commitment to the conservation of natural resources. As a Natural Resources Specialist for Yucwmenlúcwu, Jesse’s responsibilities include management of the Cultural Heritage Field Review program, review of and response to forestry referrals, forestry sector liaison, and providing support to Splatsin forest management programs. Jesse’s key strengths in this role include well-developed knowledge of forest management practices, relationship-building and collaboration with proponents, experience with project management, and a keen interest in holistic forest use. 


Brad Sindlinger, B.Sc., Forestry Supervisor

Brad Sindlinger is a Register Forest Technologist with 20 years of combined forestry development, operational, and supervision experience.  He studied at Selkirk College, receiving his diploma in Forestry in 1999. Brads diverse field experience has been gained from working across British Columbia in places like the Cariboo, the remote inlets of Vancouver Island, and here at home in the Okanagan Shuswap. Experience ranges from full phase forestry field development and permitting to the implementation and supervision of full phase harvesting contracts.  Managing Yucwmenlúcwu natural resource forestry opportunities and licenses in coordination with Splatsin land stewards are part of his role at Yucwmenlúcwu. 


Corey Bird, B.NRSc., R.P. Bio, Wildlife Biologist

Corey is a Registered Professional Biologist with a wide range of experience conducting mammalian and bird research, inventory, and conservation projects throughout southern British Columbia. His experience in the natural resource and wildlife industries has spanned more than 16 years with projects focusing on cougar and wolf ecology and predation, caribou, moose, wolverine, and deer population monitoring and research, as well as numerous avian and wetland ecology inventory, research, and conservation projects. As a wildlife biologist for Yucwmenlúcwu, Corey is responsible for project management, providing expert review of project referrals, and leadership in developing and partnering in future conservation initiatives.   


Adam Perdue, BA, Archaeologist & GIS Technician

Adam is an archaeologist with 6 years of cultural resource management experience. His work throughout the interior of British Columbia and the Yukon includes a wide range of natural resource extraction, transportation and regional-scale archaeological inventories and impact assessments. Adams role with Yucwmenlúcwu involves coordinating and implementing field inspections and assessments, managing permitting and site alterations, mapping and spatial analysis, and predictive modelling.



Luke Kowalski, BA, Archaeologist

Luke has 3 years of cultural resource management experience in archaeological assessments and large scale mitigation projects in British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba. He has provided archaeological consulting services including archaeological overview and impact assessments and preliminary field reconnaissance studies. Luke’s responsibilities with Yucwmenlúcwu involve field work, research, project coordination, report writing, and field crew training. In addition to archaeological work, he assists with cultural heritage field reviews alongside Splatsin staff. Luke is passionate about working with and learning from Splatsin members about their 
communities’ history and future goals. 


​River (Setatkwa) Johnson, Executive Assistant

River is a member of Splatsin First Nation and has worked with Splatsin and Yucwmenlucwu for 9 years as a Field Technician in fisheries, forestry, archaeology and environmental monitoring. In 2014 she was certified in Advance GIS continuing her work with Yucwmenlucwu until 2016 when she developed her own Silviculture business, as she was developing River Bear Contracting she continued to work for Yucwmenlucwu, as she has a passion and personal dedication to the preservation of natural resources in the Secwepemculecw.


Tanya Williams, Environmental Field Technician

Tanya Williams is an Environmental Field Technician who is into her eighth season in this exciting and diverse career choice. She has completed various training opportunities offered to her by Yucwmenlucwu that has helped her diversify even more i.e. Environmental Monitoring, Swiftwater Rescue, Ice Water Rescue and Forestry Field Skills to name a few.

Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to, working alongside and assisting the in house professionals, biologists, archaeologists and foresters. She also helps in training any new technicians that join our team.

Tanya’s diversity has allowed her to work in many areas of Yucwmenlucwu’s wide range of on-going projects that range from, but are not limited to:

  • collecting water samples for data analysis on the Lower Shuswap River
  • working as a part of a team assessing proposed cut-blocks looking for Splatsin cultural heritage significance within their traditional territory,
  • environmental monitoring on various highway projects,
  • working in several BC Hydro reservoirs revisiting previously recorded archaeology sites  working alongside representatives from other First Nation communities that have shared territories,
  • plus many more exciting projects that come up almost daily

She is very dedicated to the company Yucwmenlucwu and passionate about working for and representing her community of Splatsin. Looking for cultural significance and trying to preserve environmentally sensitive areas thru out their traditional territories is so important to her, not just for our generation but for the future generations as well.

Tanya is friendly and likes to work as part of a team, her diversity is her strength but also her willingness to learn and apply new skills and the ability to pass that knowledge on to her co-workers is an asset.

On her time-off from work she enjoys spending time with her family, especially her son. She also enjoys reading and is anticipating getting her paddleboard out on the waters this summer.


Nick Barry, B.Sc., FIT, Forest Technician

Nick is a Forester in Training with 13 years of experience and education in various aspects of the forest industry. He has worked throughout British Columbia in nearly all the province’s forest districts in the fields of silviculture, wildfire suppression, forestry field development and geotechnical assessments, as well as professional documentation and permitting. Through this range of experience, he has gained a broad perspective of the industry, and a passion for the pursuit of sustainable forest and natural resource use. His responsibilities include the full phase development and implementation of Yucwmenlúcwu’s various forestry projects, as well as training junior technicians.


Phyllis Jezewsky, Archaeological Technician

Phyllis has over 10 years of experience in the cultural resource management industry. Mrs. Jezewsky has participated in and supervised a wide range of culture heritage and archaeological impact assessments in the Forestry, Transportation, Power, and Oil and Gas sectors. Phyllis is responsible for assisting the archaeology team with project coordination and planning, participating in and supervising in-field archaeological assessments, laboratory cataloguing and analysis, and reporting. Phyllis’ key strengths in this role include mentoring new archaeological technicians and incorporating Splatsin’s perspectives into archaeological practice.


Ryan Felix, Lead Technician

Ryan is a lead technician for Environment, Forestry, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage projects. He has over 25 years of relevant Forestry, Archaeology, Environment, and Archaeology experience. Mr. Felix’ primary responsibilities include assisting with project planning and coordination, training new staff, leading culture heritage field assessments, and assisting with archaeological assessments and environmental monitoring. Ryan is passionate about a sustainable future for industries that have an impact on the environment, water quality, and helping to find a balance between production and a clean environment for future generations. Ryan’s interests include: hiking, biking, boating, kayaking, wildlife observations, and local and world history. Ryan is also interested in working with indigenous communities, elders, and youth to preserve and protect cultural heritage and traditional knowledge to help empower people to find a balance between people and profits.


​ Christopher Hamilton, HBSc, Archaeologist and GIS Technician

Chris is an archaeologist with 5 years of cultural resource management experience throughout British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario in forestry and infrastructure projects. This experience includes preliminary field reconnaissance surveys, archaeological impact assessments, GIS database management, mapping, artifact analysis, and report writing. Along with archaeological work, Chris also provides GIS assistance to his coworkers as they proceed with Yucwmenlúcwu’s heritage preservation and environmental goals.