Yucwmenlúcwu (Caretakers of the Land) 2007 LLP

Yucwmenlúcwu (Caretakers of the Land) is a cultural and natural resource management company that provides a complete range of environmental, archaeology, and forestry services.

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YUCWMENLÚCWU means ‘Caretakers of the Land,’ and that’s the foundation of our approach. With our people’s culture and connection to the land guiding us, we balance conservation and economic development through innovative and practical solutions. We are committed to working with our partners and clients in the early stages of projects to ensure an adaptive approach.

With a highly skilled team of professionals and certified technicians, as well as a number of industry-leading firms as partners, we manage and deliver government, industry and private sector projects from concept to completion with the highest level of standards at every stage. We see ourselves as partners in resource management and sustainable development with our many partners and clients.

"The Creator, in giving the land to the people, required the people to look after the land, the animals, the plants, the water and the air. The Splatsin people are inseparable from the land. It is this deep sense of responsibility that engenders the heartfelt need to be stewards of the land and resources of Secwepemc’ulucw. We will balance conservation and utilization of our resources in a sustainable manner for current and future generations."— (Excerpt from Splatsin’s Comprehensive Community Plan)

Our Advantage

  • Full suite of environmental, archaeological, and forestry services.
  • Trusted team of professionals with a reputation for excellence and collaboration.
  • Industry-leading partners to assist with large-scale projects and capacity development.
  • Capabilities for projects of all size and scope throughout Interior BC

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