Splatsin Construction Services LLP

Our mission is to be a leader in the supply of industry-recognized solutions in the fields of natural resource management and construction services.

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Splatsin Construction Services designs, develops and delivers tailored and turn-key solutions to organizations operating in the natural environment throughout the Interior.

Over the years, government and private organizations have come to rely on our extensive experience in natural resource operations for projects large and small. As project managers, engineers and builders, we’ve delivered industry-recognized solutions for stream crossings, retaining walls, bridges, roads, boat launches and more. 

With our unique skill set and Splatsin's conservation values guiding us, we offer a way to build that's sustainable as well as safe, cost effective, timely and to the highest standards.


We see ourselves as partners to our customers, and for good reason. Much of our work is done in and near the Splatsin traditional area, and we’re proud to work with government and industry to oversee and build construction projects we can be proud of for generations.

We also work with a number of government and large-scale corporations time and again, so it makes sense to see their needs as and objectives as our own. When we manage and build projects with transparency, integrity, quality and value in mind at every step, we establish solid relationships and success.

Our Partners

Landmark Solutions Ltd. specializes in resource construction projects.  Since 1999, they’ve been providing innovative and economical solutions to improve resource infrastructure for First Nations, private industry and government in natural resource industries such as mining, oil and gas, forestry, tourism and marine operations.  

As a joint venture formalizing 20 years of collaboration, Landmark and Splatsin Construction Services combine their expertise, reputations and proven track records.

Our Advantages

Our team has diverse and extensive experience designing, developing and delivering industry-recognized solutions to businesses in the natural resources industry. Our clients count on our expertise in this niche market.

Tailored Solutions
We harness our experience to create solutions that suit your unique organization and project. To do that, we ensure our team members with the most knowledge in that area are always on site, maintaining communication, targets and the highest standards of quality.

Full Service Capabilities 
When we’re involved from concept to completion, our project managers are able to anticipate challenges and recommend creative solutions that will help us complete your project on time, on budget and to superior standards. With the ability to design and build your project, you take advantage of efficiencies and savings.

Projects of All Size and Scope
Whether your project is small and time-sensitive or large and complex, we have the proven ability to marshal the necessary resources to make your project a success.

Great Teams
With a commitment to respect, recognition and a comfortable work environment, we attract and retain high quality field crews who value workmanship.

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